Free P90X Excel Spreadsheet- Document Your Progress!!!

Here is an awesome P90X workout log for Microsoft Excel online. Features multiple sheets to track just about everything. You can even input your start date and it will generate a custom P90X workout calendar for you.

Author asks that you email him with feedback, but unfortunately did not include his email address. O well. Anyways this is a great tool to track your workout.

There are two versions are available, one for the Classic Workout, and one for the Lean Workout. You will find links to download either below.

Google Documents P90X Log

This is similar to the other excel workout log except this uses Google documents instead of Microsoft Excel. One advantage of this is that you can access your workout log from any computer.

To use the Google Documents P90X Workout Log do the following:

1. Create a Google Documents Account
2. Go to the web version of P90X Google Doc
Scroll to the bottom, and click “Edit this page”4. A functional web version opens up, select the pulldown menu “File”, down to “Create a copy...”
A pop-up opens, and rename it to your liking. I suggest  including your name, and date (ie. Tony H. P90X 1/09 - 3/09)
Click the “Share” button and invite others who you wish to share your results with. This is a great motivator.