So my copy of P90X and all my workout equiptment finally arrived on Wednessday. Although I wanted to start my cycle on a Monday, I just couldnt keep myself from trying one of the workouts.

After about an hour and a half and one of the most intense workouts of my life, I had finished my first P90X workout. I can definetly say that I feel that I have gotten my moneys worth. After browsing through all the workouts, they seem quite comprehensive.

I also review the diet plan. The meal plan option seems a little on the restrictive and time consuming side, however the have three diffrent ways to follow the meal plan. In my opinion the portion approch is the easiest to follow and does not sacrafice the integry of the meal plan they put together. The portion approach is really only feasable for someone who cooks all their own meals. While the portion aproach could apply

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